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EasyGeno Assembly Cloning Kit

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VI201-01 10 rxn


VI201-02 20 rxn
  • Storage

    EasyGeno assembly cloning kit should be stored at -20°C. Avoid repeated freezing and thawing. The shelf life is one year.

  • Introduction

    EasyGeno Assembly Cloning Kit is designed for the fast, and directional cloning of the single or multiple DNA into any vector, regardless of DNA fragment end compatibility. The core component of this kit is the 2×EasyGeno Assembly Mix, which fuse DNA insert(s) and linearized vector based on the 15~25 bp overlap sequence at their ends. The 15~25 bp overlap sequence can be engineered by designing primers for amplification of desire DNA fragments. During the EasyGeno assembly reaction, the DNA insert(s) and linearized vector will be accomplished as a closed loop plasmid by sticky-ends creating, gaps filling, and ends linking at the overlap regions. And the product of the assembly reaction can be directly to transform competent cells and then select colonies.

    EasyGeno Assembly Cloning Kit joins DNA fragments in a one-step isothermal reaction, only for 15 min at 50°C.

  • Features

    1. The rapid recombination of vector and fragment can be realized by sequence homology for 15 min without restriction of enzyme site.

    2. The PCR product of the inserted fragment is correct and single, and can be directly recombined with the vector without purification.

    3. 1-5 inserted fragments are recombined into any vector in only one step.

    4. Fragment ligation based on homologous recombination is more suitable for high throughput vector construction.

    5. E.coli sensitive cells can be transformed selectively for 5 minutes.