Precipitation Method

Precipitation Method

To obtain nucleic acid, the basic steps include: cell lysis—nucleic acid precipitation—nucleic acid washing—elution. After the cell lysis step, the nucleic acid precipitation can be performed either with alcohol precipitation or matrix adsorption method. Nucleic acids are water-soluble polyanions, and their sodium and potassium salts are insoluble in most organic solvents, including ethanol water mixtures, but they will not be denatured by organic solvents at medium concentrations of monovalent cations (NaCl, NaAc, NH4AC). Therefore, organic solvents such as ethanol and isopropanol are commonly used as precipitators for nucleic acids. It is then centrifuged and redissolved in a suitable buffer at the desired concentration.

TIANGEN’s precipitation-based genomic DNA extraction kits adopt unique buffer system to extract genomic DNA with high quality and high purity.

  • DNAquick Plant System

    Rapid purification of high quality genomic DNA from various plant tissues with different starting amount according to specific experimental requirements

  • Processed Food DNA Extraction Kit

    Rapid extraction of high quality genomic DNA from various food raw materials and deep-processed foods

  • RelaxGene Blood DNA System(0.1-20ml)

    Extraction of genomic DNA from 0.1-20 ml fresh and cryopreserved blood of various anticoagulants

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