One-step RT-qPCR

Real-Time PCR

Real-time fluorescence quantitative PCR technology (Real-Time PCR) is to realize quantitative and qualitative analysis of initial template by real-time detection of fluorescence signals of each circulating product in PCR amplification reaction. In the real-time fluorescence quantitative PCR reaction, a fluorescent chemical substance is introduced. As the PCR reaction progresses, the PCR reaction products accumulate continuously, and the fluorescence signal intensity increases proportionally. A fluorescence intensity signal is collected after each cycle, so that we can monitor the change of product quantity through the change of fluorescence intensity.

For different experimental requirements, TIANGEN has developed a series of real-time PCR products, including the SuperReal product series with dual enzyme system, the fast reaction FastFire series, the Talent qPCR PreMix for complex templates, as well as the FastKing One Step RT-qPCR kits for fast detection of various RNA samples.

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