One-step RT-qPCR

FastKing One Step RT-qPCR Kit (Probe)

More sensitive and efficient one-step reverse and transcription probe fluorescence quantitative reagents

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FP314-02 50 µl×200 rxn


FP314-01 50 µl×50 rxn
  • Description

    This product is a special reagent for one-step RT-qPCR using probe method (TaqMan, Molecular Beacon, etc.). The One Step RT-qPCR reaction can be continuously carried out in the same reaction tube using the product. The operation is simple. The cross contamination between samples can be avoided and the detection sensitivity is improved. The kit adopts a premix of TIANGEN novel reverse transcriptase (King RTase), novel antibody modified hot start Taq DNA polymerase and RNase Inhibitor, and has stronger RNA affinity and thermal stability, and higher amplification efficiency and specificity. In addition, the 2×FastKing One Step Probe RT-qPCR MasterMix in this product is a new type of reaction system specially optimized for the above two key enzymes. It contains necessary ionic components, dNTPs, PCR stabilizers and enhancers, which can ensure the best performance of King RTase and the new type of hot start Taq DNA polymerase in the whole one-step reaction process.
  • Storage

    Store at -20℃.
  • Features

    ■No cross-contamination: Reverse transcription and fluorescence quantification are completed in one step to avoid cross contamination.

    ■ Sensitive: Templates as low as 1 ng can be accurately identified, especially suitable for templates with low abundance.

    ■ Stress resistance: Can be applied on complex templates, perfect against foreign interference, suitable for various templates

    ■ Simple operation: Optimize product composition and improve experimental efficiency.

  • Applications

    The kit is suitable for probe one-step Real-Time RT-PCR, it can accurately and simply perform mRNA expression analysis. It is especially suitable for detection of trace RNA on various real time PCR instruments.

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