miRNA Reagents


Non coding RNA (ncRNA) refers to RNA that does not encode protein, which include rRNA, tRNA, snRNA, snoRNA and microRNA with known functions, as well as RNAs with unknown functions. microRNA (miRNA) is a kind of small RNA composed of 18-25 nucleotides, which does not encode proteins but plays an important role in regulating gene expression. The sequences of miRNA are highly species conservative. Their expression has unique temporal and spatial specificity. It has been proved that miRNA plays a huge role in regulating physiological processes such as embryo development, tissue differentiation, cell metabolism, signal pathway, disease occurrence and development. Long Non-coding RNAs (lncRNAs) are single-stranded RNA larger than 200 nt without open reading frame for protein coding. It has the function of regulating gene expression at the transcription level or translation level.

TIANGEN provides a complete set of products for miRNA & lncRNA extraction, reverse transcription and real time PCR detection. Combining with an optimal miRNA forward detection primer library, a mature and high efficient fluorescence quantitative PCR detection can be carried out directly, thus realizing rapid and accurate quantification of reverse transcription products.

  • External Control for miRNAs

    Reference for relative quantification of miRNA in liquid phase samples

  • miRcute Plant miRNA Isolation Kit

    High-efficiency miRNA extraction kit specially targeting plant samples

  • miRcute Serum/Plasma miRNA Isolation Kit

    High-efficiency miRNA extraction kit specifically targeting serum/plasma samples

  • miRNAprep Pure FFPE Kit

    Highly efficient extraction of RNA > 18 nt from paraffin sections

  • miRcute Plus miRNA First-Strand cDNA Kit

    Faster and more sensitive reagent for reverse transcription of miRNA by tailing method

  • miRcute Plus miRNA qPCR Kit(SYBR Green)

    Higher specificity and sensitivity

  • miRcute miRNA Isolation Kit

    For high effective extraction of small fragment RNA at the range of 20-200 nt

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