DNA Library Kits/Modules

NGS Library Construction

The next generation sequencing—NGS sequencing, has the core principle of sequencing while synthesizing or ligating. By randomly breaking template DNA into small fragments through physical or chemical methods and amplifying the library through PCR, hundreds of thousands to millions of DNA templates are sequencing at the same time, and the sequence is determined through bioinformatics analysis by splicing the small fragments into long fragments. After market screening, the main next generation sequencing platforms currently on the market are Illumina and Ion torrent. BGI platform built by MGI is a rising star and is currently in the stage of rapidly expanding the market.

TIANGEN biochemical library construction products can well match the requirements of the next generation sequencing platform, which include library construction kits, modules, raw materials and customized solutions for Illumina sequencing platform library construction. TIANGEN also provides customized library construction solutions for Ion torrent platform and BGI sequencing platform.

  • TIANSeq DNA Quantification Kit (Illumina)

    Dye-based method for accurate quantification of sequencing library

  • TIANSeq Size Selection DNA Beads

    Used for purification and size selection of DNA fragments of target length
    during library construction

  • TIANSeq DNA Fragmentation Module

    Efficient and rapid enzyme-based fragmentation of double-stranded DNA

  • TIANSeq NGS Library Amplification Module

    High fidelity PCR rapid amplification reagent with no base preference

  • TIANseq Fast Ligation Module

    Fast and efficient ligase system

  • TIANSeq End Repair/dA-Tailing Module

    Enzyme-based method to quickly complete DNA end repair and dA-tailing in one step

  • TIANSeq Fragment/Repair/Tailing Module

    Enzyme-based method, which can quickly complete unbiased DNA fragmentation, end repair and A-tailing in one step

  • TIANSeq Fast DNA Library Kit (illumina)

    New generation of fast DNA library construction technology

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