DNA Library Kits/Modules

TIANSeq Size Selection DNA Beads

Used for purification and size selection of DNA fragments of target length
during library construction

Catalog number / packaging

Cat. no


No. of preps


NG306-02 60 ml


NG306-01 15 ml


NG306-03 5×60 ml
  • Storage

    This kit should be stored at 2-8°C.
  • Description

    TIANSeq Size Selection DNA Beads is a nucleic acid purification product that can be used for DNA fragment size selection and DNA product purification.

    The kit adopts high-performance magnetic beads and a unique buffer liquid system to realize the selection and purification of double-stranded and single-stranded DNA fragments of 100 bp~1000 bp without gel extraction by simply adjusting the ratio of the magnetic beads to the sample. The kit can effectively remove dNTP, salt ions, organic impurities in the reaction system. The obtained DNA fragment has high purity and the recovery efficiency can reach more than 90%.

  • Features

    ■ High efficiency: High DNA fragment purification yield and the efficiency can reach 90%.

    ■ Simple and convenient: Simply select the length of the selected DNA fragments without gel recovery.

    ■ Compatible: Compatible with manual operation or high throughput operation of automated workstations.

  • Required Reagents

    80% ethanol, prepare before use.
  • Applications

    This kit can be widely applied to size-select and purify DNA fragments with specific lengths in NGS library construction.