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TGuide S32 Magnetic Viral DNA/RNA Kit

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DP604 96
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    This kit adopts the magnetic beads with high isolation efficiency and a unique buffer system to isolate and purify high quality virus DNA/RNA from serum, plasma, lymph, cell-free body fluid, cell culture supernatant, urine or various virus preservation solution. The unique embedded magnetic beads have a strong affinity for nucleic acids under certain conditions. When the conditions change, the magnetic beads release the adsorbed nucleic acids, which can achieve the purpose of rapid isolation and purification of nucleic acids. The extracted viral DNA/RNA has the advantages of high yield, high purity, stable and reliable quality.

    The product is perfectly matched with TGuide S32 Automated Nucleic Acid Extractor. Through special magnetic rod to absorb, transfer and release magnetic beads, the transfer of magnetic beads and nucleic acids is realized with high automation level. The whole experimental process is safe and convenient, and the extracted viral DNA/RNA has high yield, high purity, stable and reliable quality.

    The nucleic acid purified by this kit can be applied to various conventional operations, including reverse transcription, PCR, RT-PCR, RT-qPCR and other downstream experiments.

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