Small Instrument

Small Instrument

TIANGEN adheres to the concept of convenient, efficient and user-friendly instrument development, and relies on the global advanced instrument production platform to develop a series of fast and automatic experimental instrument products, focusing in sample treatment, reaction system preparation, nucleic acid extraction, sample analysis and detection.

To facilitate the daily experimental operations, TIANGEN has attentively designed a series of portable convenient instrument, including automated pipette, vortex, dry bath, etc.

  • 96 Deep Plate Magnetic Seperator(12 mm)

    Lightweight and durable, specifical designed for 96-deep-well plates

  • 200 μl PCR Plate/Tube Magnetic Stand

    Magnetic stand specially designed for PCR plates/8-strip tubes

  • 15 ml Tube Magnetic Frame

    Light and handy 15 ml magnetic stand

  • TGrade Bath Shaker

    Stable and convenient bath shaker for constant temperature mixing

  • TGrinder H24 Tissue Homogenizer

    Strong-power experimental grinder with high throughput and high efficiency

  • TGyrate Master Vortex

    Perfect performance for vortex mixing

  • TGyrate Vortex Basic

    Simple, practical, stable and durable

  • TGreat Gradient Thermal Cycler

    New intelligent gradient thermal cycler

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