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TGrade Bath Shaker

Stable and convenient bath shaker for constant temperature mixing

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OSE-DB-03 1 set
  • Description

    TGrade Bath Shaker is a metal bath controlled by advanced microcomputer. Heating blocks of various specifications can be selected for various test tubes, and can be widely applied to various molecular biology experiments with temperature control or oscillation requirements such as incubation of samples, enzymatic reaction, electrophoresis pre-denaturation, serum coagulation, etc.

  • Features

    ■ Convenient: The metal block is fixed by bayonet for easy replacement, cleaning and disinfection.

    ■ Stable: No displacement under the maximum rotational speed.

    ■ Safe and reliable: More reliable with built-in speed limiting device and overtemperature protection device of different blocks.

    ■ Widely applicable: A variety of blocks are available, suitable for various test tubes.

    ■ Simple operation: Touch screen, friendly operation interface.

    ■ Oscillation mode: Positive, negative and intermittent combination, more thorough mixing.

  • Operating Parameters

  • Optional Accessories (one of the following blocks can be choosen as standard accesorry)