Small Instrument

Small Instrument

TIANGEN adheres to the concept of convenient, efficient and user-friendly instrument development, and relies on the global advanced instrument production platform to develop a series of fast and automatic experimental instrument products, focusing in sample treatment, reaction system preparation, nucleic acid extraction, sample analysis and detection.

To facilitate the daily experimental operations, TIANGEN has attentively designed a series of portable convenient instrument, including automated pipette, vortex, dry bath, etc.

  • TGel Image System

    Omnipotent all-in-one gel imaging system

  • TGreen Blue Light Monitor plus Set

    Complete set of products for real-time observation of nucleic acid electrophoresis

  • TGrinder Set

    Portable and convenient experimental tissue grinder

  • TGear Plate Centrifuge

    Mini short-spin centrifuge specific for microplates/8-tube strips

  • Magnetic Frame (1.5 ml & 15 ml)

    Light, handy multifunctional magnetic stand

  • TGear Mini Centrifuge

    High-efficient experimental assistant with all in one rotor design

  • TGet Electronic Pipette

    One-hand operation, extremely accurate

  • TGrade Dry Bath Incubator

    Perfect performance for temperature control experiment

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