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TGyrate Master Vortex

Perfect performance for vortex mixing

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OSE-VX-02 1 set
  • Description

    TGyrate Master Vortex (Digital Display Version) is a multi-sample mixer that adopts eccentric rotation to make the liquid in containers such as test tubes generate vortex, thus fully mixing samples. The instrument can be used for mixing samples in containers such as test tubes, centrifuge tubes, microtiter plates, etc. This machine adopts the directly-driven induction frequency conversion motor with no belt loss parts, ensuring a long service life and low noise. It has strong vortex force with the amplitude 4.5 mm, which can realize rapid mixing of liquid. There are two working modes, i.e. touch and continuous, and a variety of clamps can be selected to meet the experimental requirements. The metal body, balance weight design and unique guide rail structure ensure the uniform and stable operation of the instrument.

  • Features

    ■ Efficient: Strong vortex force, which can realize rapid and uniform mixing of liquid.

    ■ Stable: The balance blocks and guide rail structure ensure the steady of the machine.

    ■ Low noise.

    ■ Wide application: A variety of blocks are available.

    ■ Simple and fast: Digital display, knob stepless speed regulation.

    ■ Working mode: Touch/Continuous.

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