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TGreat Gradient Thermal Cycler

New intelligent gradient thermal cycler

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OSE-GP-01 1 set
  • Description

    TGreat Gradient Thermal Cycler is a powerful and economical thermal cycler newly developed by TIANGEN. With a 7-inch touch screen, users can monitor the running process of the PCR instrument through the App on mobile phone. It has gradient function, and the maximum gradient temperature span is 24.9°C.

  • Features

    ■ Simple and intuitive: Touch screen, intuitive graphical interface, friendly operation interface, built-in various apps, and configured with Wi-Fi modules.

    ■ Superior performance, with the highest heating rate reaching 5.5°C/sec.

    ■ High reliability: Mature Peltier technology, multi-probe system and strict QC process.

    ■ Intelligent design: Suitable for ergonomic design with friendly operation interface.

  • Operating Parameters