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TGrinder H24 Tissue Homogenizer

Strong-power experimental grinder with high throughput and high efficiency

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OSE-TH-01 1 set
  • Description

    TGrinder H24 Tissue Homogenizer adopts a three-dimensional high-speed vibration mode and is capable to simultaneously process 1-24 independent grinding tubes. TGrinder H24 can effectively grind, break and homogenize different types of biological samples (such as plant tissue, animal tissue, soil and feces, etc.) through grinding media (zirconia beads, stainless steel beads, ceramic beads and glass beads, etc.). By applying different reagents, DNA/RNA with good integrity can be extracted from samples quickly and stably.

  • Features

    ■ Three-dimensional motion mode: The grinding homogenization force is 2-5 times that of the traditional instruments, and the grinding homogenization is with high speed and efficiency.

    ■ Circular sample holder design: Uniform grinding effect with no cross contamination.

    ■ Special structure and noise reduction design: The instrument parts are not easy to wear off, and the running noise is reduced to ensure a better user experience.

    ■ Automatic protection device: When the protective cover is not closed, the instrument can not start or emergency brake, so as to protect the safety of laboratory personnel.

  • Experimental Procedure

  • Operating Parameters

  • Grinding and homogenization of animal/plant tissue

    samples and genomic DNA extraction

    1. Manual liquid nitrogen grinding, rat liver; 2: TGrinder H24, rat liver;

    3. Manual liquid nitrogen grinding, rat heart; 4: TGrinder H24, rat heart;

    5. Manual liquid nitrogen grinding, wheat leaf; 6: TGrinder H24, wheat leaf. The genomic DNA of 20 mg animal tissue and 10 mg plant tissue were extracted by liquid nitrogen and TGrinder H24 grinding and homogenizing respectively. The yield of genomic DNA of the samples was basically equal.

  • Grinding and homogenization of soil samples and genomic

    DNA extraction

    1: Shaking metal bath; 2: TGrinder H24.

    The genomic DNA of 0.25 g soil samples was extracted by shaking metal bath and TGrinder H24 respectively

    The yield of genomic DNA by TGrinder H24 was significantly higher, and the pretreatment time of samples was significantly lower (shaking metal bath-2000 rpm 10 min, TGrinder H24-6 m/s 30 s 2 cycles).