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TGyrate Vortex Basic

Simple, practical, stable and durable

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OSE-VX-01 1 set
  • Description

    TGyrate Vortex Basic is a small-sized mixer that adopts eccentric rotation to make the liquid in containers such as test tubes generate vortex, thus fully mixing samples. The instrument can be used for mixing samples in containers such as centrifuge tubes, test tubes, flasks, etc. Direct current brushless motor is selected for long service life and low noise. The instrument adopts the directly driven motor, which can generage strong vortex force, and the liquid can be quickly and evenly mixed. The standard rotary head is made of highly abrasion-resistant rubber material. The simple silica gel foot pad ensures the stability of the instrument during high-speed operation. It is easy to operate, and the two working modes--touch and continuous modes can meet different experimental requirements.

  • Features

    ■ Stable: The machine can keep stable and not displaced under 3,000 rpm vortex speed.

    ■ Low noise : Less than 60 db.

    ■ Durable: Special durable rubber is selected for the vortex head, with no falling chips.

    ■ Efficient: The highest rotating speed is reached within 2 sec. Strong vortex force, which can swirl 40 ml liquid within 5 sec.

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