DNA Library Kits/Modules

TIANSeq Fast DNA Library Kit (illumina)

New generation of fast DNA library construction technology

Catalog number / packaging

Cat. no


No. of preps


NG102-02 96 rxn


NG102-01 24 rxn
  • Storage

    Store at-15 to -25°C
  • Sample Input

    0.25 ng ~ 1 μg DNA
  • Description

    TIANSeq Fast DNA Library Kit (Illumina) is a DNA library construction kit specifically optimized for Illumina high-throughput sequencing platform. The product can complete the end repair of small fragment DNA or fragmented double-stranded DNA fragmented by ultrasonic treatment, chemical treatment and enzyme treatment, and the 3’ end dA-tailing in one tube in one step. The obtained product does not need purification and can be directly used for adapter ligation. The PCR amplification reagent provided by the kit is also specially optimized, and the DNA sequence obtained by amplification has high yield, good fidelity and no base bias. The product adopts a one-step reaction process, which does not need multiple purification steps, and the whole library construction process only needs 2 hours. The library conversion efficiency is higher, and the high-efficiency library construction can be ensured for trace DNA samples.
  • Required Reagents

    TIANSeq Single-Indexed Adapter(Illumina) (Cat# 4992641/4992642/4992378)

    TIANSeq Size Selection DNA Beads (Cat# 4992358/4992359)

  • Features

    ■ The one-tube enzymatic reaction completes the end repair of double-stranded DNA fragments and dA-tailing reaction in one step.

    ■ There is no base bias in PCR enrichment process with uniform sequence coverage.

    ■ High conversion efficiency of the library, and the input of DNA sample can be as low as 0.25 ng.

  • Applications

    It is suitable for constructing DNA library for Illumina high-throughput sequencing platform.

Experimental Example

  • DNA library construction process by TIANSeq Fast DNA Library Kit
  • Comparison of library construction yield

    Figure 1. Comparison of the library yield among different products

  • Genome coverage of low input DNA

    Figure 2. Genome coverage results of low input DNA. Comparison of coverage rates of different DNA inputs (1,0.5,0.25 ng) of the three bacterial genome mixture with different GC contents in the same molar ratio. The results show that TIANSeq Fast DNA Library Kit guarantees good stability and high conversion rate for the construction of trace sample library.

  • Comparison of Sequencing Data of Different Products