One-step RT-qPCR

FastKing One Step RT-qPCR kit (SYBR Green)

One-step Real-Time RT-PCR with SYBR-Green

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FP313-01 20 µl×125 rxn
  • Packing Size

    50 μl×50 rxn
  • Storage

    Store in dark at -20℃.
  • Description

    FastKing One Step RT-qPCR Kit is designed for Real-Time One Step RT-qPCR by using SYBR Green I. The kit can be used in real-time one step RT-qPCR of RNA targets, with reverse transcription and PCR taking place sequentially in the same tube. Therefore the operation is simple, and it minimizes the risk of contamination.

    The 25× RT-PCR Enzyme Mix in this kit is a premix of TIANGEN's novel reverse transcriptase (FastKing RTase), novel antibody modified hotstart Taq DNA polymerase and RNase Inhibitor. The FastKing RTase is a new type of molecular modified reverse transcriptase. With the specifically added hydrophobic motif, which has stronger RNA affinity and thermal stability. The FastKing RTase has improved reverse transcription efficiency and the ability to extend the RNA template with complex secondary structure. The new type of hotstart Taq DNA polymerase with excellent performance is used in the PCR process, making the PCR reaction after reverse transcription have higher amplification efficiency and specificity. In addition, the 2× FastKing RT-qPCR Buffer (SYBR Green) in this product is a new reaction system specially optimized for the above two key enzymes, including necessary ionic components, dNTPs, SYBR Green dye, one step stabilizer and enhancer, which can ensure that FastKing RTase and the new hotstart Taq DNA polymerase can play the most effective role in the whole one-step reaction process.

    This kit provides good standard curves in a wide range of quantitative area. It can accurately and quantitatively detect a variety of high and low abundance target genes with good repeatability and high reliability.

  • Features

    ■ Increased reaction efficiency: The high-quality reverse transcriptase and Taq polymerse ensure the high reaction efficiency.

    ■ Easy and fast operation: The dual component form makes the procedure easy and fast. 

    ■ Capable of Reading through complex templates: Suitable for RNA templates with high GC content and complex secondary structure.

    ■High compatibility: Compatible for RNA templates from different sample source or with impurities.

  • Applications

    The RT-qPCR can be used to detect gene expression and RNA virus content in cells and tissues.

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