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TIANamp Stool DNA Kit

Rapid extraction of high quality genomic DNA from various stool samples

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No. of preps

CDP328-02 50 preps
  • Storage

    Room temperature (15-25℃)
  • Description

    TIANamp Stool DNA Kit is based on silica membrane technology for stool sample gDNA extraction. The spin column is made of new type silica membrane which can bind DNA optimally on given salt and pH conditions. Simple centrifugation processing completely removes impurity, proteins and other organic compound. The gDNA isolated with these products is of high quality, high purity and full-length. Purified gDNA is ready for use in downstream applications such as PCR.
  • Required Reagents

  • Features

    ■ Wide range of applications: Applicable for solid or liquid stool samples from different sources.

    ■ Simple and fast: Ultra-pure gDNA can be obtained within 1 hour.

    ■ High purity: High efficiency precipitant can remove impurities such as humic acid, the purity of extracted DNA is very high, which can be directly used in downstream experiments.

  • Applications

    Applicable for solid or liquid stool samples from different sources
  • Important Notes

    ■ Repeated freezing and thawing should be avoided, otherwise it will result in small fragment DNA and decrease of yield.

    ■ If precipitates formed in Buffer SA or Buffer SC, warm buffer to 37°C until precipitates fully dissolve.

    ■ If the sample absorbs much water, the amount of Buffer SA and Buffer SC can be increased in equal proportion. If Buffer SA and SC are insufficient, they can be purchased separately.