Magnetic Beads-based Method

Magnetic Universal Genomic DNA Kit

Ideal for the genomic DNA purification from various samples

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No. of preps


DP705-01 50 preps


DP705-02 200 preps
  • Storage

    The kit can be stored for 12 months under dry conditions at room temperature (15-25°C). For long-term storage, store at 2-8°C.

  • Description

    The kit adopts magnetic beads with unique separation function and a unique buffer system to separate and purify high-quality genomic DNA from all kinds of blood, dry blood spots, saliva, swabs, FFPE, bacteria, animal tissues and other samples. Unique embedded magnetic beads have strong affinity for nucleic acid under certain conditions. When the conditions change, the magnetic beads release adsorbed nucleic acid, thus achieving the purpose of fast separation and purification of nucleic acid. The whole process is safe and convenient. With large extracted genomic DNA fragments, high purity and reliable quality, the method is especially suitable for automatic extraction with high-throughput workstations.

  • Features

    ■ Simple and fast: Ultra-pure gDNA could be obtained within 1 hour.

    ■ High throughput: This kit can be integrated with the automated instruments of pipetting method and magnetic rod method to carry out high throughput extraction experiments.

    ■ Wide applications: Can be widely used to extract DNA from tissues, bacteria, blood, saliva, swabs, etc.

    ■ High purity: The obtained DNA has high purity and can be directly used in chip detection, high-throughput sequencing and other experiments.

  • Applications

    Suitable for a variety of regular operations, including restriction enzyme digestion, PCR, real-time PCR, library construction, chip hybridization, Southern blot and high-throughput sequencing.

  • Use Magnetic Universal Genomic DNA Kit to purify DNA from saliva, blood and liver cells according to the instructions. M: TIANGEN Marker D15000.

    Elution volume is 100 μl. 2 μl eluent was loaded on 1% agarose gel electrophoresis.

    Results: TIAGNEN Magnetic Universal Genomic DNA Kit has a wide range of sample applicability. The extraction yield is high, with good DNA integrity.