Column-based Method

RNAprep Pure Tissue Kit

For purification of up to 100 μg total RNA from animal tissues

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dp431 50
  • Storage

    DNase I, Buffer RDD, RNase-Free ddH2O (Tubular) should be stored at 2-8℃.

    Other reagents could be stored at room temperature (15-25℃)

    Note: It is recommended to use RNAstore Reagent (4992727) to store the tissue samples.

  • Description

    The RNAprep Pure Tissue Kit provides a fast, simple, and cost-effective method for purification of total RNA from animal tissues by using effective spin column and unique buffer system. The kit includes RNase-Free spin columns CR3 for purifying high-quality RNA by using silica-membrane technology. High-quality total RNA could be obtained in 40-50 minutes with high-purity and is free of protein and genomic DNA contamination.
  • Required Reagents

    β-mercaptoethanol, ethanol
  • Features

    ■ Optimized buffers for animal tissues make the process simple and convenient.

    ■ Unique DNase I minimizes genomic DNA contamination.

    ■ The higher-purity and ready-to-use RNA is suitable for sensitive downstream applications.

    ■ No phenol/chloroform extraction, no LiCl and ethanol precipitation, and no CsCl gradients centrifugation are needed, which makes the process safe and reliable.

  • Applications

    ■ RT-PCR.

    ■ Northern Blot, Dot Blot.

    ■ Real-Time PCR.

    ■ Chip analysis.

    ■ PolyA Screening, in vitro translation, RNase protection analysis and molecular cloning.

Experimental Example

  • Material: 20 mg embryo (13 days), 15 mg kidney, 10 mg liver, 15 mg spleen, 10 mg thymus, 20 mg lung

    Method: Total RNA from different tissue samples of rat was purified using the RNAprep Pure Tissue Kit.

    Results: The agarose gel electrophoresis picture is showed above. 2-4 μl of 100 μl eluates were loaded per lane.

    M: TIANGEN DNA Marker III;

    Lane 1-2: Embryo (13 days); Lane 3: Kidney; Lane 4-6: Liver; Lane 7: Spleen; Lane 8: Thymus; Lane 9: Lung. The electrophoresis was conducted at 6 V/cm for 30 min on 1% agarose gel.

  • RNA yield of different rat tissues