Single Column

TIANpure Midi Plasmid Kit

Medium amount of high-purity plasmid DNA can be obtained with minimal sample amount

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DP107-02 50
  • Storage

    Room temperature (15-25℃)
  • Description

    The TIANpure Midi Plasmid Kit adopts a specific designed Filtration CS in addition to the spin column-based extraction kit, which can remove trace proteins and other impurities during the plasmid DNA extraction. The purified high-purity plasmid DNA yield can be up to 70 μg, and can be applied in high-precision molecular biology experiments such as transfection of large amount of plasmid into animal culture cells.
  • Features

    ■ High-purity: The purified plasmid DNA can be directly used in high-precision experiments such as transfection.

    ■ Large sample amount: 5-15 ml of bacteria culture medium can be processed in one prep, so that the efficiency of the experiment is improved.

    ■ Fast: Simple procedure with minimal steps to minimize the operation time.

    ■ High efficiency: More than 85% of plasmid DNA can be purified from E.coli.