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HighPure Maxi Plasmid Kit

For rapid purification of high-purity plasmid from large amount bacteria

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DP116 10
  • Storage

    Room temperature (15-25℃ )
  • Description

    The HighPure Maxi Plasmid Kit adopts a unique buffer system incorporation with TIANGEN's special color indicator to ensure the extraction of large amount of high-purity plasmid. The initial volume of the bacteria sample can be adjusted flexibly according to different experimental requirements. The traditional isopropanol precipitation method is applied to quickly extract large amount of high-purity plasmid DNA, which can be applied in various downstream experiments.
  • Features

    ■ High yield: Up to 1.5 mg of plasmid DNA can be extracted by the direct precipitation of isopropanol.

    ■ High purity: The combination of Buffer P4 and Filtration CS1 can ensure the extraction of high-purity plasmid DNA which can meet the requirements of a variety of transfection experiments.

    ■ Simple and fast: The experiment can be completed in around 1 h with just a few simple centrifugation steps.

    ■ Wide range of applications: The purified plasmids can be applied in molecular biology experiments such as restriction endonuclease digestion, PCR, transformation, sequencing and transfection. The color indicator provided in this kit can ensure the plasmid extraction efficiency.

  • Plasmid Yield

Experimental Example

  • pH Indicator Dye

    Figure 1: Buffer P1 containing TIANRed indicator was added to the bacteria culture medium. After thorough mixing, the solution turns into cloudy red.

    Figure 2: After adding Buffer P2 and mixing thoroughly, the solution turns into transparent purple. If the cloudy red is present in the purple solution, it indicates that the lysis is insufficient, which will greatly affect the extraction efficiency of the plasmid. Keep mixing the solution until it turns into transparent purple.

    Figure 3-4: After mixing Buffer P4 thoroughly, the solution turns into transparent yellow. If purple mix is present in the yellow solution (as shown in Figure 3), it indicates that the renaturation is insufficient, which will result in a decrease in the yield of the double helix plasmid. Keep mixing until the color becomes transparent yellow (Figure 4).

  • The plasmids pEGFP and pCMV were extracted from 100 ml bacteria culture medium (pEGFP:OD600=1.95; pCMV: OD600=2.05) by HighPure Maxi Plasmid Kit.

    Figure 5: Extraction yield of the plasmid

    Figure 6: Purity of the plasmid