Single Column

TIANgel Maxi Purification Kit

Easy and rapid gel extraction from large amount of DNA products

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DP210 50
  • Storage

    Room temperature (15-25℃ )
  • Description

    The TIANgel Maxi Purification Kit adopts a unique adsorption column to effectively recover DNA fragments from agarose gel in either TAE or TBE buffer, while removing impurities such as proteins, ions and small primers. 100 bp-30 kb DNA fragments can be recovered with the recovery rate up to 80%. The maximal amount of DNA that can be adsorbed by each spin column is 20 μg.

  • Required Reagents

  • Features

    ■ Fast: The entire operation process is fast and convenient, and can be completed in around 10 min.

    ■ Diverse: Single-stranded, double-stranded DNA fragments and circular plasmid DNA can be recovered.

    ■ High efficient: The unique spin column and buffers ensure maximal recovery of high-purity target DNA.

  • Applications

    ■ The purified DNA can be directly used for routine experiments such as restriction enzyme digestion, PCR, sequencing, library screening, ligation,transformation, etc.