2×Taq PCR MasterMix Ⅱ (without dye)

Rapid PCR premix with high efficiency and high stress resistance

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KT211-13 20*5*1 ml


KT211-12 5*1ml
  • Storage

    For long-term storage, store at -20℃ . The activity will not be affected by repeated freezing and thawing. Store at 4℃ if frequent use is needed.
  • Description

    This product is a newly optimized and upgraded ready-to-use 2×PCR premix. It contains high-purity Taq DNA polymerase, dNTPs, MgCl2, reaction buffer, PCR enhancer, optimizer and stabilizer. The product has the advantages of rapidness, simplicity, high sensitivity, strong specificity and good stability. It can reduce human error to the greatest extent, save operation time and reduce the probability of contamination. It is suitable for common PCR reaction, amplification of complex templates with high GC content (>60%) or secondary structure, and large-scale gene detection. The PCR product has the 3’ end dA-overhang, which can be directly used for TA cloning after purification.
  • Required Reagents

    Primers, templates
  • Features

    ■ High amplification efficiency: DNA fragments of different sizes and sources can be amplified efficiently.

    ■ High sensitivity: As low as 10 pg of target fragments can be amplified from genomic templates.

    ■ High stress resistance: For templates with high impurity content such as rough-extracted template/bacterial culture, the target fragment can be easily amplified.

    ■ Convenient for downstream applications: The amplified fragment contains the 3' end dA-overhang, which is convenient for TA cloning.

  • Applications

    PCR amplification of DNA fragments, DNA labeling, primer extension, sequence determination, large-scale gene detection, semi-quantitative PCR experiments, detection of trace DNA, etc.

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