Golden Easy PCR System (with dye)

Two-component simple PCR reaction system

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KT221-02 500 U(2.5 U/μl)


KT221-01 250 U(2.5 U/μl)
  • Storage

    Store at -20℃.
  • Features

    ■ Good stability: Unique formula makes the whole reaction system very stable. The system contains components required for effective PCR amplification, such as thermostable DNA polymerase, dNTPs, MgCl2 and buffer solution, as well as a variety of special stabilizers, which greatly increase the stability of the polymerase and dNTP at normal temperature and 4℃ .

    ■ Fast and simple: Simple and quick operation. Simply mix the two components in proportion and then add templates and primers to set up the reaction, avoiding the tedious steps of adding various PCR reaction components one by one. Minimize sampling errors and cross contamination, with little error between different batches, and can be used in semi-quantitative experiments.

    ■ Wide application and high sensitivity.

    ■ Each reaction system contains dyes, and electrophoresis can be performed directly after PCR steps so that the procedure is fast and labor-saving.

  • Quality Control

    The purity of SDS-PAGE is more than 99%; No activity of exogenous nuclease is detected; Single gene in human genome could be amplified effectively; No significant activity change when stored at room temperature for one week.
  • Stability

    The product using the two-component simple PCR system can be stored at 4°C for one month without obvious activity change.
  • Procedure

    Step 1: Mix various components in proportion.

    Step 2: Start the experiment immediately.

    Step 3: Direct electrophoresis for the Mix with dyes.

    Step 4: Satisfactory experimental results.

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