2×HotStart Taq PCR Mix(Without Dye)

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KT202-12 5*1ml
  • Description

    This product contains HotStart Taq DNA polymerase, dNTPs, MgCl2, reaction buffer, PCR enhancer, optimizer and stabilizer, with a concentration of 2×. It has the advantages of fast amplification speed, simplicity, high sensitivity, strong specificity, good stability and the like, and can reduce operation errors to the greatest extent. It is suitable for highly specific PCR reactions, and amplification of complex templates such as high GC content (> 60%) or templates with secondary structures, as well as large-scale gene detection, etc.
  • Product Highlight

    One-tube Taq MasterMix (National High-Tech Product Certification)

    ■ The 2×HotStart Taq PCR MasterMix has improved specificity and sensitivity of PCR reaction and can amplify complex templates with high GC content, secondary structure and the like. As low as 2 copies of the target template can be amplified, ensuring more accurate experimental results.

    ■ The unique HotStart Taq MasterMix formula makes the whole reaction system very stable, and the activity will not be affected by repeated freeze-thaw or long-term storage at 4℃ .

    ■ The stable and efficient pre-prepared PCR mixed solution can make the operation fast and simple, greatly reducing labor intensity and sampling error. High-performance PCR enhancer and optimizer are also included in the mix, which reduces the requirements on PCR conditions.

    ■ This product has both dye-containing and dye-free systems. Dye-containing MasterMix products can be directly electrophoresed after PCR, without adding loading buffer.

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