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TIANSeq Fragment/Repair/Tailing Module

Enzyme-based method, which can quickly complete unbiased DNA fragmentation, end repair and A-tailing in one step

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GNG301-02 96 rxn


GNG301-01 24 rxn
  • Storage

    This kit should be stored at-25~-15°C.
  • Description

    TIANSeq Fragment/Repair/Tailing Module is a premixed enzyme module specifically optimized for Illumina high-throughput sequencing platform. It includes all enzymes required for DNA fragmentation, end repair and 3' end dA-tailing, and can fragmentate double-stranded DNA into small fragments. After the reaction, the 5'-P and 3'-dA ends are added to the two ends of the fragmented DNA respectively. The obtained product does not need purification and can be directly used for adapter ligation using TIANSeq Fast Ligation module (4992354/4992355).

    The module adopts a one-step reaction process, which does not require multi-step purification steps, and can efficiently and rapidly carry out fragmentation, end repair and dA-tailing to trace DNA samples, ensuring a simpler operation and higher library conversion efficiency.

  • Required Reagents

    TIANSeq Fast Ligation Module (Cat# 4992354/4992355)

    TIANSeq NGS Library Amplification Module (Cat #4992373/4992374)

    TIANSeq Single-Index Adapter (Illumina) (Cat# 4992641/4992642/4992378)

    TIANSeq Size Selection DNA Beads (Cat# 4992358/4992359)

  • Features

    ■ Single-tube enzymatic reaction, one-step completion of double-stranded DNA fragmentation, end repair, dA-tailing reaction.

    ■ High conversion efficiency of the library, and the DNA sample input can be as low as 1 ng.

  • Applications

    This kit is used for fragmentation, end repair and 3’ end dA-tailing of double-stranded DNA, and is suitable for construction of DNA library for Illumina high-throughput sequencing platform. Applicable sample input: 1 ng~1 μg DNA

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