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TIANseq Fast Ligation Module

Fast and efficient ligase system

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NG303-02 96 rxn


NG303-01 24 rxn
  • Storage

    This kit should be stored at-25~-15°C.
  • Description

    TIANSeq Fast Ligation Module is a premixed enzyme module specifically optimized for Illumina high-throughput sequencing platform. Using this module, the DNA fragment with dA-tailing at the 3' end can be quickly ligated with adapter. Compared with the conventional method, this module adopts a one-step reaction process. The DNA fragments obtained after the reaction of TIANSeq Fragment/ Repair/Tailing Module or TIANSeq End Repair/dA-Tailing Module can be directly ligated with the adapter without magnetic bead purification, thus eliminating multi-step magnetic bead purification steps, making the operation simpler and the library conversion efficiency higher.
  • Required Reagents

    TIANSeq Fragment /Repair /Tailing Module (Cat# 4992350/4992351)

    TIANSeq End repair/dA-Tailing Module (Cat# 4992352/4992353)

    TIANSeq NGS Library Amplification Module (Cat #4992373/4992374)

    TIANSeq Single-Index Adapter (Illumina) (Cat# 4992641/4992642/4992378)

    TIANSeq Size Selection DNA Beads (Cat# 4992358/4992359)

  • Features

    ■ The DNA adapter can be directly ligated with the DNA fragment with dA-Tailing without the need for magnetic bead purification.

    ■ High efficient ligation, which can be used for DNA adapter ligation of trace samples.

  • Applications

    Fast ligation of DNA adapter with DNA library fragment with dAtailing at the 3' end. Applicable sample input: 0.25 ng~1 μg DNA.

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