RNA Library Kits/Modules

TIANSeq Fast RNA Library Kit (illumina)

Efficient preparation of RNA transcriptome sequencing library

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NR102-02 96 rxn


NR102-01 24 rxn
  • Storage

    The kit should be stored at -15~-25°C.
  • Description

    TIANSeq Fast RNA Library Prep kit (Illumina) is a special kit for constructing non-directional transcriptome library developed for Illumina high-throughput sequencing platform, which can be used for routine transcriptome analysis and analysis of noncoding RNA such as LncRNA. The kit adopts a fast one-tube operation workflow to carry out fast library construction on RNA samples. After double-stranded cDNA synthesis, the end repair of the samples and the dA-tailing are completed in one step. The obtained products can be directly used for adapter ligation without purification. In addition, the kit adopts specially designed high-efficiency and high-fidelity polymerase. The obtained PCR amplification product has high fidelity and no base bias.

    The starting sample to which the kit is applicable is rRNA-free RNA (retaining mRNA and other non-coding RNA) or mRNA directly isolated from the total RNA. The initial template input of the total RNA sample is 10 ng to 1 g; The initial template input of mRNA samples is as low as 1 ng.

  • Required Reagents

    1.TIANSeq rRNA Depletion Kit (H/M/R) (4992363/ 4992364/4992391)

    2. TIANSeq Single-Indexed Adapter (Illumina) (4992641/4992642/4992378)

    3. TIANSeq Size Selection DNA Beads (4992358/4992359)

    4. 96-100% ethanol

  • Features

    ■ Transcriptome analysis can be performed on mRNA and non-coding RNA except rRNA (such as lncRNA).

    ■ Simple and convenient workflow, and the rapid library construction of RNA samples can be realized.

    ■ High conversion rate of the library, suitable for high-efficiency library construction with extremely low input.

    ■ High fidelity of PCR amplification and no base bias.

  • Applications

    It is applicable to the construction of RNA library of Illumina high-throughput sequencing platform. Applicable sample input: 10 ng ~1 μg of total RNA; As low as 500 pg of initial mRNA of animals, plants, fungi, etc.

Experimental Example

  • Wide application range of sample input

    The linear relationship between FPKM (exon, 5' UTR and 3' UTR fragments) of different samples input.

  • Uniform transcriptome coverage with low 5'-3' base bias

    The GeneBody Coverage analysis shows that the 5'-3' coverage uniformity of TIANSeq Fast RNA Library Prep Kit is good.

  • No obvious bias in high GC region

    High GC region preference analysis shows that Klf2 (NM_001007684) gene of rat has a GC content of 66.1%. The red box shows the region with high GC content of this gene.