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TIANSeq DNA Quantification Kit (Illumina)

Dye-based method for accurate quantification of sequencing library

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NG105-01 20 μl×500 rxn
  • Storage

    Store at -20°C away from light.
  • Description

    This product is a special kit for measuring the concentration of high-throughput sequencing library under Illumina platform by SYBR® Green I chimeric fluorescence qPCR method. The specific working principle is to use Illumina P5 and P7 chip binding sequences as primers to draw a standard curve using six standard products provided by the kit, and then calculate the concentration of the library to be tested by absolute quantitative method according to the standard curve.

    The kit provides all components required for library quantification, wherein 2×Quant MasterMix (SYBR Green) adopts antibody modified HotStart Taq DNA polymerase and is matched with qPCR Buffer system added with H-compete factor and EP component, so as to ensure wide sample universality of the qPCR premix. This method has the characteristics of high amplification efficiency, good detection specificity, wide GC content adaptability, high detection sensitivity etc., ensuring the accuracy and repeatability of library concentration quantification to the greatest extent.

  • Features

    ■ Simple and fast: The kit provides all reagents for library quantification. It is simple and fast to operate, and has good compatibility with the upstream library construction kits.

    ■ Accurate quantification: The detection reagent has high amplification efficiency and good specificity, and has a good linear relationship in the range of 0.0002 pM ~ 20 pM.

    ■ Widely application: qPCR reagent provided by the kit has good universality for fragments with different GC contents and sizes.

  • Applications

    Determine the concentration of high-throughput sequencing library before sequencing on Illumina platform.