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TGuide S16 Nucleic Acid Extractor

Easy-to-use Benchtop Instrument, 1-8 Or 16 Samples At The Same Time

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  • Product introduction

    TGuide S16 Nucleic Acid Extractor can process up to 16 samples simultaneously by the magnetic rods to bind and transfer the magnetic beads, the 96-well plate or single-sample reagent cartridge and magnetic tip comb. By using the corresponding nucleic acid extraction reagent, this product can automatically purify DNA/RNA from various samples of animal, plant, bacteria, fungi, etc., and extract DNA from plasmid, agarose gel and PCR product.

  • Features

    Super easy to use

    No extra pipetting work. The elution volume can be adjusted as required.

    The installation and operation require little training. With pre-installed programs, unpack the cartridge, select the protocol and run your experiment. Programs are ready-to-use, and also customizable.

    New binding mode

    The magnetic rod adopts the strong end binding mode.

    The magnetic beads bind at the rod bottom, which ensures that the eluent can still cover all magnetic beads even when the eluent volume is small. The design maximizes the yield of nucleic acid.

    Optimal design of heating tank

    There is a column inserted between the lysis buffer and the eluent column, which effectively prevents the eluent from evaporating due to the lysis column heating. Therefore, the recovery volume of the nucleic acid solution is more accurate.

    Contamination control and operator protection

    It can be placed on a clean bench or in the chemical hood.

    The instrument is running in an automatic and closed way.

    The contamination control system adopts two mechanisms: the internal cross-contamination control system and ultraviolet sterilization system, to extensively avoid cross-contamination between columns and samples.

    Preloaded reagents and matched disposable consumables.

    The chemical handling is eliminated to the greatest extent to ensure the operation safety.

  • Reagent Selection Guide for TGuide S16

  • 2000 bp segment agarose gel DNA purification and recovery

    Agarose gel concentration :1.5%(TBE)

    Loading volume: 8 μl

    Marker: D2000, TIANGEN

    S16-01, S16-02, and S16-03 represent the parallel sample purification and recovery experiment using 3 TGuide S16 Nucleic Acid Extractors with TGuide Smart DNA Purification Kit (4993550) at the same time.

    A Company: the manual spin-column extraction kit of a well-known brand

  • Agilent 2100 was used for RNA integrity detection.

    Sample source: CD-1 mice

    Sample status: fresh whole blood

    Sample size: 200 μl

    Experiment result: the total RNA extracted from blood by TGuide S16 equipped with TGuide Smart Blood/Cell/Tissue RNA Kit (4993551) has good yield and high purity, and can meet the needs of downstream high-throughput sequencing.

  • Loading volume: 1 μl. The liver was diluted 5 times and loaded. Agarose gel concentration: 1%. Electrophoresis for 20 min at 6 V/cm;

    M: TIANGEN Marker III

    1-4: heart 5-8: liver 9-12: lung 13-16: kidney

    The first two samples of each tissue were extracted by the spin-column based extraction kit, and the last two were extracted automatically by TGuide S16.

    Sample source: CD-1 mice

  • Experiment result: the animal tissue genomic DNA automatically extracted by TGuide S16 equipped with reagent TGuide Smart Magnetic Tissue DNA Kit (4993547) has high yield and purity, which is equivalent to the DNA extracted by the spin column-based extraction protocol. The purity is basically the same, with OD260/OD280 around 1.7~1.9 and OD260/OD230 > 1.7. In conclusion, TGuide S16 can be used to extract the genomic DNA from animal tissues in replacement of the spin-column based extraction solution.

  • Total RNA extraction from different plant samples

    Sample size: 100 mg

    Sample pre-treatment: low temperature homogenizer

    Agarose gel concentration :1%(TAE)

    Loading volume: 1 μl

    M: Marker III, TIANGEN

    1-4: corn seeds 5-8: corn leaves 9-12: cabbage roots 13-16: soybeans 

    The first two samples were extracted by spin-column extraction kit and the last two samples were extracted by TGuide S16.

  • Genomic DNA extraction of wheat roots

    Sample size: 100 mg

    Sample pre-treatment: grinding with liquid nitrogen or tissue grinding homogenizer

    Agarose gel concentration :1%(TAE)

    Loading volume: 2 μl

    Marker: D15000, TIANGEN

    A Company: a well-known brand

    Experiment result: using TGuide S16 with reagent TGuide Smart Magnetic Plant DNA Kit (4993548) to automatically extract the genomic DNA of wheat roots has achieved good yield and high purity, which is equivalent to the extraction yield and purity of well-known competor. Moreover, the integrity of genomic DNA is better than that of the competing products of other companies. In this experiment, about 15 μg of nucleic acid was extracted from 100 mg wheat roots, with OD260/OD280 around 1.8~1.9, and OD260/OD230>2.0.