Nucleic Acid Extraction Reagent

RNase-Free DNase I

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RT411 50
  • Storage

    Store at 2-8°C in dry condition for 12 months
  • Important Notes

    In some cases, the vial of DNase may appear to be empty. This is due to lyophilized enzyme sticking to the septum. To avoid loss of DNase, do not open the vial. Instead, inject RNase-free water into the vial using a needle and syringe, invert the vial to dissolve the DNase, and remove the dissolved DNase using the syringe and needle.

    Insoluble material may remain when dissolving DNase I. This does not affect DNase performance. Due to the production process, insoluble material may be present in the lyophilized DNase.

    DNase I is sensitive to physical denaturation. Mix gently by inverting the tube. Do not vortex.

    The RNase-Free DNase I could effectively eliminate DNA, and compatible with TIANGEN RNAprep Pure series kits. The RNase-Free DNase I provides efficient on-column digestion of DNA during RNA purification using with TIANGEN RNAprep Pure series kits, and could also be used in DNA digestion in RNA solution.