Nucleic Acid Extraction Reagent

RNAclean Kit

For the purification and recovery of RNA

Catalog number / packaging

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No. of preps


DP412 20 preps
  • Storage

    Store at room temperature (15-25℃ )
  • Description

    The RNAclean Kit uses a unique centrifugal adsorption column to efficiently and specifically bind RNA to the silica gel membranes under high salt conditions, while maximizing the removal of proteins, inorganic salts and various organic impurities. This kit can be used to purify up to 20 μg RNA.

    This kit is used to purify and recover RNA from enzyme reaction solutions (such as DNase treatment, protease treatment, RNA labeling, etc.), and can also be used for purification of RNA obtained by other methods.

    The purified total RNA is free of protein contamination, and can be used for Northern blot, dot blot, miRNA extraction, cDNA synthesis, primer extension, differential display, etc.

  • Experimental Procedure