TIANGEN Product Publication Database is Now Online!

Date: Feb 29 2024 Browse: Source:

TIANGEN official website has launched product publication database since this week, presenting more than 40,000 publications that clearly

mentioned TIANGEN products through big data analysis and matching, based on artificial intelligence techniques powered by Bioz.

For researchers who are struggling with the selection of reagent kits or busy writing the method section of their papers, you are welcome to

visit our product detail page of your interest to get more information!

Follow the steps to find publications of a specific product:

1.  Find the product of your interest: by search or by category navigation.

2.  Enter the product detail page, scrolling down or clicking on the purple badge to navigate to the Publication

list at the bottom of the page.

3.  Feel free to play around, look for, read and export publications relevant to your research!

4.  The publication list will keep being updated, so feel free to visit for more recent publications at any time.

For our distributor partners, welcome to contact us for more publication data and other support on your products in promotion.

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