TIANGEN Opens the Free Trial Program for the TGuide S16 Nucleic Acid Extractor

Date: Jun 06 2023 Browse: Source: TIANGEN

TIANGEN opens the Free Trial Program for the TGuide S16 Nucleic Acid Extractor. Apply for onsite demonstration and free trial. Talk to our experts about your needs and get the demo instrument with supporting reagents for free. Try on smart purification now!

Product description:

The TGuide S16 Nucleic Acid Extractor is a groundbreaking time saver that can be a brilliant choice to improve your work efficiency and experience. To quickly understand the product:

·  Time Saving and Highly Efficient: It can greatly reduce the hands-on operation of nucleic acid experiments, and largely improve the laboratory work efficiency.  

·  Tailored for Research Use: It provides automated solutions for all sample types of scientists' interests.

·  Out-of-the-box Automation: It is super easy to use, with prefilled supporting reagent cartridges and preinstalled programs.

·  Competent and Reliable: TIANGEN has been specializing in nucleic acid purification since 2005. We have 12-year experience developing automated nucleic acid extractors and supporting reagents. The upgraded techniques assure you the reproducible extraction of ultrapure DNA/RNA.

If you are interested in our free trial program, please fill out the request form ( to gain access to the application.

Open Region: United States, Singapore, Hongkong (Coming soon for other regions).

For more information, please visit:

For any question, please email:;